Do you wonder if how you are feeling is normal—should you be feeling this way because of the treatment you are receiving or because you may have side effects from your disease? Do you have questions about your bill or insurance and aren’t sure who to call? Did you forget your next appointment or need to re-schedule it?

  • Medical Questions

    Our trained staff members are available Monday – Friday during the day to answer any medical questions you may have. Please call the clinic location where you are seen to speak with one of our staff members.

    If you have an urgent concern during the evening, weekend or a holiday, please call the answering service for assistance from the on-call physician.

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    After Hours
    All Clinics (except Norfolk):  402-231-1045

    After Hours
    Norfolk Clinic:  402-371-2760

    If you are experiencing any of the following, please contact us right away, day or night. These issues require immediate attention:

    • Shaking chills or fever of 101°F or higher
    • Nausea/Vomiting that is severe or lasts several hours and is not controlled by currently prescribed medication
    • Diarrhea that causes an additional four bowel movements a day or lasts more than one day
    • Unusual bleeding, easy bruising or pinpoint spots on your skin
    • Increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Increased pain
    • Any additional complaint that is severe in nature
  • Billing and Insurance Questions

    Medical bills and insurance documents can be difficult to understand. If you have questions about your bills or need assistance, please contact our billing office at 402-572-3529

  • Appointment or Scheduling Questions

    Appointments should be made when leaving the office. If you have questions about your next visit or need to adjust your schedule, please call the location where you see the doctor.

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