The staff at Hematology & Oncology Consultants, P.C., wants to make your treatment experience as comfortable as possible. A specially trained staff of registered nurses will administer your treatment. The entire nursing staff works closely with the physicians to monitor your condition and progress.  We also have many other people who are available to assist you during this time. The nurses may recommend you see a dietician, social worker or other support staff member. We encourage you to ask questions or voice concerns at any time.

The treatment room is equipped with recliner chairs, as well as bedrooms. A family member is welcome to be with you in the treatment area if space is available. There are televisions available, and you are welcome to bring any reading material, needlework, portable DVD players, laptop computers, etc., from home. Cellular phones are allowed in the treatment area, but please keep their use to necessary calls.

We encourage you to eat as you normally would before you come for treatment. You may bring drinks and snacks with you or have someone bring you food from a restaurant or the hospital cafeteria. We do have coffee, tea and water available for you.

Initially, you will receive information about the specific medications you are to receive. This will include information on their potential side effects and ways to manage them. You will be given recommendations on your diet, use of other medications and your activity while you are on treatment. The nurses will also assist you in understanding your treatment schedule. Your schedule may include doctor visits, lab visits and treatment visits. You will be given dates and times for your next visits before you leave.

We recognize that this time is stressful for you and your family. It is our hope at Hematology & Oncology Consultants, P.C., that together we can provide the information and support you may need during this time.